Favorite author Jayne Castle carries us off!Although the storyline is quite similar to those of her previous two St. Helen's books, Ms. Castle always offers appealing characters and first-class romance.

On the new world of St. Helen's, a stranded human colony has built a new civilization in which psychic abilities are common and marriages are brokered by professional matchmakers.

Rafe Stonebraker needs a wife to convince the conservative board of his grandfather's shipping company that he is the right person to take over management of the corporation. But how will he be able to find a suitable wife, one compatible with his powerful "strat-talent," the strength of which he has gone to considerable lengths to conceal?

Lovely Orchid Adams is having her own problems trying to find a mate. But then again her extraordinary ice prism talent is incredibly difficult to match. Even she is surprised, however, by the instant attraction that flares between her and new employer, Rafe Stonebraker. How can she maintain a proper professional demeanor around this charismatic man?

A stolen alien artifact is just thing to keep both their minds on the problem at hand. But perhaps it is love that is the key to both their professional and personal dilemmas.

(May, 327 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer