Author Deanie Francis Mills catapults to the top tier of the suspense genre with this magnificent, pulse-pounding thriller. Not only a genuine thrill ride, it's also an odyssey into the mind and spirit of an extraordinary woman.

For the last sixteen years, chemistry teacher Wren Cameron has put her past behind her. Happily married to Harry and the mother of two teenagers, life is hectic but filled with love. The biggest problem facing the Camerons is 15-year-old Daniel's adolescent rebellion. Then one afternoon in the grocery store, a devil Wren thought long gone returns.

After sixteen years, Jeremiah Hunter, the charismatic former leader of "The Community," is finally out on parole. Hunter's militia group came to a bloody end after a battle with the FBI. Upon his release, Hunter has set about building a new militia with an even deadlier purpose. To achieve his goal, Hunter needs the assistance of former girlfriend and bomb expert Lissie Montgomery. Lissie/Wren "died" following the devastating massacre She had turned informant and worked with FBI Agent Steve Austin to stop Hunter, but what should have been a surgical strike turned into a bloody war.

When Wren refuses to help Hunter, he kidnaps her and Daniel. Harry is devastated, and risks everything by contacting Steve Austin for help. To Wren's horror, the charismatic Hunter begins to work his charm on her troubled son. Wren must find a way to foil the bombing plot and fight for Daniel's soul.

(May, 448 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith