Serena often visits the clearing in the center of her 1,000 acres of land. That's where many of her OtherKin ancestors once knelt to perform rituals. One day a stag enters the clearing and bites her shoulder. Then Serena's cousin Morgan shows up at her house with Cole, aka Cernunnos, the Lord of the Hunt, and informs her that the Elders have ordered that Serena keep him. She is not pleased. After the way her ex-husband treated her five years ago, she has no desire to be near men.

Cole has amnesia and is certain of only one thing—Serena is his. But despite his attraction for her, she sees herself as fat and unattractive. If he can just figure out some way to convince her that she's beautiful, she's in danger and she needs him to keep her safe.

This is an excellent, imaginative story with a plus-size heroine. The romance is hot, and the battle Serena and Cole must fight to save the world is exciting. And Cole is a wonderful (not too overbearing) kind of alpha hero. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley