Lisa was always driven to be the "perfect wife," even with two failed relationships behind her. When she meets Ross Davis, a coworker of her older brother, she is determined to make this relationship a success.

Married after only a year, Lisa takes it upon herself to plan everything and it isn't long before Ross starts to feels as if he is losing control of his life. Used to taking charge, Ross can't help but remember his former life, when it was up to him to care for his younger sister after his parents' death.

Seven months after his marriage, Ross stops by Lisa's parents' house. Asha, Lisa's best friend, is also there, talking to Lisa's mom about a recent argument she's had. Both distraught, they leave at the same time and wind up sleeping together.

Ms. Hill boldly comments on the state of many African-American relationships. Lisa overcompensates in order to rectify her past mistakes, thereby stifling the life out of her relationship. This is a great, true-to-life read and readers finding themselves in similar situations can take note on how to turn negative moments into positive ones. (Oct., 304 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Shamaine Henry