Nina Bangs has come up with a completely new and unique twist on the time travel theme and has delivered a story that is both humorous and captivating. No one is exactly what they appear in this clever tale.

What happens when an ancient demon gets bored? Here, the demon wreaks havoc on a small scale rather than unleash the usual fires, floods and pestilence. Using his demonic powers, he snatches a woman from 300 years in the futurewhere a cloning accident has eliminated human males and a Scottish warrior from 300 years in the past. With no further ado, he drops them together in a bed in present-day Houston.

Leith Campbell cant imagine what magic has taken him so far from home, nor does he know what to make of the woman called Fortune, who claims to make men. Fortune, is just as stunned to find herself in a time when men still existed. The real thing is far different from the models she makes in her studio. Sensing a chance to save her people, Fortune is determined to take Leith to the future.

Leith has no intention of becoming a guinea pig for some future generation. He has his own concerns, like making peace with his estranged brother Hugh. Leith also has a suspicion that their adopted black cat Ganymede is much more than he appears.

To Ganymede's disgust, nothing is going quite as he planned. As an ancient demon, he never expected to like his victims. The die is cast, however, and they all must play this adventure out until the end.

(Aug., 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith