That matchmaking, meddling specter, Sir Septimus Spivey, is prowling again in the fourth book of the Mayfair series. He wants to match Latimer More, antiquities dealer, with Princess Desiree. However, that's before he hears of Latimer's interest in penniless milliner's assistant Jenny McBride.

Everyone at No. 7 Mayfair is shocked to see that Latimer, rumored as the "Most Daring Lover" in England, is infatuated with Jenny, who is brave and optimistic despite her destitute circumstances.

Latimer is intent upon courting Jenny, but she fears revealing the hold her vulgar landlord, Morely Bucket, has on herhe's threatening to force her to pay her debts with her virtue.

With help from the other residents, and Spivey himself, Latimer manages to free Jenny from Bucket's slimy clutches.

With the wit that has become a hallmark of the Mayfair novels, (Spivey's comments, especially those about Shakespeare, are liberally sprinkled throughout), and the steamy sensuality laced with a bit of a mystery, Stella Cameron has another winner. Look for the delightful cast of characters from previous tales to make appearances. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin