With the recent upsurge in interest in archeology and forensics, D’Amato couldn’t have created a more approachable and likable character than Blue Ericksen, a young mother with an eye on the past. A first-class mystery and top-of-the-line history lesson that will keep readers flipping through the pages until the startling conclusion.

Forensic archeologist Blue Ericksen’s new project involves testing mummies to study the use of hallucinogens in ancient religions. Blue’s pretty sure that psilocybin — derived from mushrooms — can prevent or cure drug addiction. If she’s correct, a trillion-dollar illegal drug trade could be eradicated. Members of a secret international organization that facilitates drug trading send enforcer Felix Hacker to kill her. Blue’s taking her team to a remote dig and she’s unknowingly bringing a killer along for the ride. (FORGE, Jan., 384 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper