Image of The Other Guy's Bride


Image of The Other Guy's Bride

Readers who loved As You Desire will cheer for this nonstop, laugh-out-loud, sexy adventure sequel from one of the genre’s most innovative writers. Brockway launches Amazon’s romance imprint with this title, and she works magic with a sexy, bad-boy hero, an audacious heroine, a lively cast of secondary characters, hilarious verbal repartee and surprises galore: It’s Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.

As the black sheep daughter of renowned Egyptologists, Genisse Braxton has plenty to prove. She intends to find the lost tomb of Zerzura without their help. When she has the opportunity, Genisse assumes fellow passenger Mildred Whimpelhallher’s identity, hoping to evade her family. James Owen has no choice but to escort the commander’s “fiancée” to the fort; after all, he owes the man his life. But the redheaded hellion he meets is almost too much for the rugged American cowboy. Their journey is fraught with every danger imaginable including Genisse being “sold” to Bedouins, being chased by friend and foe, weathering sandstorms and falling in love. The biggest surprise is when Jim’s brother appears and their true identities are revealed. Pride wars with passion and desire with duty as these stubborn lovers discover the greatest treasure of all. (MONTLAKE, Jan., 352 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin