Image of Other People's Business (Kimani Romance)


Image of Other People's Business (Kimani Romance)
Other People's Business (3), by Pamela Yaye, is a fun and lighthearted story. An evenly paced plot and interesting characters make this an entertaining novel. Autumn Nicholson is a successful businesswoman committed to fulfilling her pledge of celibacy until marriage. Her interfering parents want her to marry L.J. Saunders, but Autumn is both attracted to and terrified of the wealthy playboy. L.J. thinks Autumn is another snotty society woman when he fixes her flat tire on the side of the road. But when he realizes that he didn't shower or change after working on his uncle's pig farm before the rescue, he understands her initial hesitation. They find themselves standing up for their matchmaking best friends in their wedding and must overcome family and relationship drama to be together.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims