Image of The Other Side


Image of The Other Side

This time around, ghosts are on the menu for the newest anthology from this quintet of NYT bestsellers. This combination of historical and contemporary novellas, spiced with a supernatural flair, is sure to please a wide variety of fans. Each author plays to her strengths, ensuring plenty of spine-tingling fun!

Robb’s “Possession in Death” has Lt. Eve Dallas in the strange position of working to solve a murder while sharing part of her consciousness with the deceased. Blayney’s “The Other Side of the Coin” explores what happens when an enchanted coin gives an earl and his countess the opportunity to step into each other’s shoes, literally. Gaffney’s “The Dancing Ghost” has a young woman hiring a spirit investigator to uncover if her house is haunted, only to discover that nothing is as it appears. In “Almost Heaven,” Langan follows the ghosts of a newly murdered couple, desperate to save their daughter from marrying the wrong man. Finally, McComas offers readers “Never Too Late to Love,” and places M.J. Biderman in the awkward position of trying to tear down a house haunted by her mother and aunts. (JOVE, Dec., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith