Popular Irish author Keyes has created three likable characters, each with a compelling storyline tied to the world of publishing.

Events coordinator Gemma Hogan never thought she'd have to take care of her mother, but when her father takes off and moves in with his thirtysomething secretary, Mom is rendered helpless. Gemma has suffered her own share of man troubles and never got over losing boyfriend Anton to her ex-friend Lily Wright. But she may come out on top, after a friend begins sending Gemma's e-mail accounts to a literary agent named Jojo Harvey, who sees a potential book.

Jojo has lots on her plate: an affair with her married boss, a battle for partnership with a ruthless co-worker and the task of trying to coax another winning novel from surprise hit author Lily Wright. Lily is wracked with guilt over what she and Anton did to Gemma, but they now have a young daughter to think about.

Keyes' ability to masterfully tie her characters together is remarkable, as is her irresistible and winning writing style. (May, 528 pp. $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust