In Davidson's "Beggarman, Thief," a mutant thief meets her match, physically and romantically, in the bionic millionaire she seeks to rob.

"Stranded," by Knight, has lawyer Alex snatched from her bed and dropped into an alien environment where she has to rely on marine John Hawke for protection -- something he willingly gives, for a price.

Anthony's "Light on Her Toes" depicts a world where females are scarce and one couple in love seeks to come to terms with their opposing views of which sex should be dominant.

Davidson's story is fun and intriguing, and her main characters are fascinating. Though some may be put off by the sexual exploits in Knight's novella, the premise is imaginative. And, unfortunately, Anthony's lack of world-building is confusing, perhaps because of the short format and the extremely distracting made-up words used throughout. (Apr. '05, 312 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley