Dr. Natalie Carmichael thought her 6-year marriage to traveling salesman Ray Carmichael was strong. Its a shock when pawn shop owner Brian Butler tells her that Ray has a gambling problem and has hocked most of their assets.

Shes coming to grips with the news when the highway patrol notifies her that Rays been in a car accident. At the hospital, Natalie is horrified to discover two additional Mrs. Ray Carmichaels in attendance.

The first is Rays first wife, Beatrix, to whom he has been married for 21 years. Then theres 21-year-old Ruby Lynn Carmichael, whom he married just last year. Ray collapses when he sees all three wives in his hospital room. However, his death shortly thereafter is not from natural causes.

Who killed Ray? The police think Natalie is their prime suspect. To get to the truth about their husband, the wives are going to have to band together.

Bigamy is the backdrop for this tale of three womens voyage to self-discovery. However, for me, none of the characters were completely fleshed out, which made sympathy difficult. (Nov., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith