Image of Ours to Love (A Wicked Lovers Novel)


Image of Ours to Love (A Wicked Lovers Novel)

The Santiago brothers give Cain and Abel a run for their money as they battle inner demons and each other. Into this mix comes London, who is a wounded bird the brothers are both drawn to. She’s the key to healing the schism between them as well as finding some meaning in her own life. Part of the motive behind the brothers’ estrangement is a bit shaky, but it’s not that critical to grasp. Both brothers are crazy about London, and this dynamic quickly turns into a sizzling ménage.

Xander is content with his extreme lifestyle, but he’s also concerned about his brother’s descent into the bottom of a vodka bottle. More than a year after the murder of his wife, CEO Javier has barely managed to keep the family business afloat and refuses any and all help from Xander — since Javi had asked for Xander’s help with his wife and was refused. London is an innocent who has moved to Lafayette, La., to get her life moving forward. She meets Xander first and gets a job with Javi. London soon finds herself in a relationship with both brothers as corporate intrigue abounds. (HEAT, May, 389 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins