Image of Out for Blood (The Drake Chronicles)


Image of Out for Blood (The Drake Chronicles)

Harvey once again tips her series on its head by presenting a new side to this fast-paced vampire drama. By setting the latest chapter in the Helios-Ra training school, Harvey introduces a whole new cast of characters while still providing plenty of time with all of readers’ favorites. Readers will be craving the next Drake tale!

Hunter Wild’s grandfather/ guardian has always stressed the importance of one thing: killing vampires. So she certainly doesn’t expect to meet one she can’t get enough of. Quinn Drake knows he is playing with fire by flirting with this Helios-Ra trainee. But as his mother’s recent coronation as queen of the vampires has already thrown the family into danger, what’s a little more? Will their relationship put Hunter permanently at odds with her only relative? And can Quinn help her get to the bottom of the mysterious disease killing Helios-Ra trainees? (WALKER, Jan., 304 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780802721693, HC, 14 & Up)
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Whitney Kate Sullivan