Marine biologist Gaea Maxwell isnt too keen on men at the moment. Her ex-fiancé, Xavier, not only tried to control and manipulate her, hed also been unfaithful. Now, on the eve of the greatest find of her career, she meets Micah Cavanaugh, a hard-as-nails, handsome-as-sin businessman, whose honesty is as potent as his touch. Though she tries to warn him off, Micah is determined to pursue her despite her emotional baggage. He even believes her story of seeing a dolphin man swimming in the Russian seas—a creature she had seen once before as a young girl.

Micah tries to show Gaea enough love to help her overcome the issues in her life. But her ex-fiancé is practically stalking her, her grandmother has fallen into a coma for no apparent reason and her tale of the dolphin man is beyond fantasy. Yet he knows shes not lying, nor is she hallucinating. Micah does his best to protect her from Xavier and to be her strength through her grandmothers ordeal, and as her familys dark secrets are unlocked, Micah fights not only for Gaeas love, but her life.

This is pure romantic fantasy sprinkled liberally with Ms. Sims own magical literary style. If youre looking for something fresh and exciting to read, dont miss this unique story. (Dec., 298 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson