A ouija board predicts Christie Fitzgerald's meeting with Bruce Bowie, and when the World War I ace lands his plane in her cousins' front yard, she is smitten by his handsome looks and winning smile. Bruce has had his share of women, but Christie is different. That's what scares him -- this sweet beauty isn't the type you love and leave.

But circumstances continue to throw them together, and he discovers that being a ladies' man isn't as much fun as he once thought. When he teaches Christie how to fly, romance sparks. But it soon takes a backseat to sabotaged boats, speakeasies and two subplots about Christie's cousins and their affairs.

Toombs does a wonderful job describing the Prohibition era. She takes readers on an intense but romantic ride through a Chicago of yesteryear. SWEET (Jan., 216 pp., $13.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith