Pearson’s latest offering is a diverting, if slightly predictable, tale about a woman and a man learning to love and trust each other. Set in beautiful Australia, readers will enjoy reading their slow slide into love, even as they wait for the story to pick up speed.

Jetta Rivers put her professional life on hold to tend to her ailing grandmother in the final months of her life. Moving out of her apartment and into her grandmother’s charming, if run-down, home, Jetta assumes that when her grandmother passes she will receive full title to the house. Enter Anton Haviland who inherits half of the house along with Jetta. Therein lies the problem: While she intends to fix the house up and live there, he intends to demolish it and the house next door. As Jetta and Anton fight about what do with the house, the question of why he inherited the house comes up. As the mystery surrounding Anton’s inheritance begins to unravel, it may just take their budding relationship with it. (KRISPEARSON.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper