When the ransom demand for her Uncle Alex came, Savannah von Hopf didn't hesitate; she gathered the money and made her preparations. Savannah realizes that heading down to Indonesia by herself would be foolhardy, so she decides to get some backup.

Ken "WildCard" Karmody can't believe his luck when the beautiful woman's car breaks down right outside his house. The chemistry between Savannah and Ken is electric, but he is more than pissed when he discovers what she's after. When he can't stop Savannah from flying to Parwati Island, Ken reluctantly tags along.

FBI Agent Max Bhagat is handed a major hot potato when Alex von Hopf, the son of legendary WWII spy Rose von Hopf, is kidnapped. His task is further complicated when it is learned that SEAL Team member "WildCard" Karmody and Savannah have disappeared in Indonesia. Have they been captured, or worse, killed? The rest of the SEAL Team 16 has no doubt that, if there is a way out, "WildCard" will find it.

Continuing her action-packed series outlining the adventures of the SEAL Team 16, Suzanne Brockmann delivers major excitement. As in her previous novels, Ms. Brockmann weaves together at least four different story threads into one rip-roaring if slightly plot-heavy book. (Mar., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith