The moment burned-out P.I. Davy McCloud sees Margot, he's blindsided by the unexpected attraction. But before he acts on his desire, he does some snooping and discovers that this sexy lady has secrets. Davy tries to avoid her, but his intent to stay away from Margot flies out the window when she seeks his professional advice. Davy takes one look into her desperate eyes, caves and runs headfirst into her problems.

Margot's life is a mess. A stalker is leaving her bloody, gruesome gifts, and she has a past nightmare that's about to catch up with her. Then, there's Davy. He knows exactly how to mess with her head and heart. When he begs to be her protector and her lover, she can't resist, but neither can she shake the fear that she's putting her heart and his life in deadly danger.

McKenna's latest scorcher carries readers along a sinister path with a delightfully sadistic villain, a mouthwatering hero and rough-and-tumble romance. This is romantic suspense at its best! (Apr., 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell