Image of Out of the Darkness


Image of Out of the Darkness

Two men kidnap Harlee from her home one night. She has no idea who they are or why they've taken her, and when they finally arrive at their destination, she realizes that her kidnappers are a vampire and a werewolf. Harlee is floored when Duncan and Adrian tell her that she's a hybrid and that they are going to have to protect her to bring about her change.

But while Harlee's in protective custody with her two handsome captors, members of the werewolf clan are being killed. Is this a government-sanctioned kill or are there traitors? As heir to the leadership of the vampires, Harlee could be in danger. Will Duncan and Adrian be able to convince her that her destiny is with them?

This is a hot read that includes a menage a trois scene. Fans of the genre will enjoy this very sexy and fast-paced paranormal. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers