The race to find other Offspring
kicks into high gear in the second installment of Rush's gritty and
spooky series. The core characters
are swimming upstream against
treacherous waters, which keeps
the suspense quotient high. With
no firm resolution of plot threads
in this book, the overarching
storyline is key and hints at what
may come next. Chillingly good!

A cryptic message left by a murdered CIA agent confuses and worries tattoo artist Zoe Stoker. On the run from an assassin, Zoe is rescued by a man named Cheveyo who brings her to the newly formed group of Offspring -- children of psychic parents who were part of an experiment.

Rand Brandenburg has reluctantly joined with the other Offspring, so he understands Zoe's trepidation. One of the program's initiators, Gerard Darkwell, wants to control all of the Offspring. Those he can't control, he will kill. Locating the other Offspring and banding together may be their only chance to survive, but telling friend from foe is proving hazardous. (AVON, Oct., 363 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith