Image of Out of the Depths


Image of Out of the Depths
OUT OF THE DEPTHS (4) by Pamela Hearon: After attorney Chance Brennan is trapped in a cave for days with ex-girlfriend Kyndal Rawlings and Kyn ends up pregnant, Chance wants to do the right thing and marry her. But Kyndal, having been burned by Chance in the past when he claimed to love her and then left her for an Ivy League education, isn’t sure she wants to depend on him again. And Chance, having aspirations of running for public office, isn’t sure that flighty Kyndal will be good for his career. Fortunately, Chance learns that love means overcoming all odds before it’s too late. The inclusion of Chance’s interfering, manipulative father adds suspense to this nicely paced story, featuring a sizzling sexual attraction between the leads.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay