Image of Out of Sight (A Court of Angels Novel)


Image of Out of Sight (A Court of Angels Novel)

Though heroine Poppy's motivations and actions don't necessarily always match up, it's a small quibble. Hero Sykes is delicious, the Embran are very memorable villains and the story is a unique and complicated romantic mystery.

Sculptor and powerful psychic Sykes Millet is thought to be the embodiment of his family's centuries-old curse. But he may prove to be the opposite, if he succeeds in the quest imparted by their mentor, Jude: finding the Harmony, the source of their supernatural powers -- and the remaining keys that will unlock it. Sykes and the other Millets must also find a way to vanquish the Embran, an alien race with evil intentions toward humanity.

There's also the matter of protecting nightclub manager Poppy Fortune, a family friend. Through her association with Ward Bienville, a businessman with political aspirations, Poppy has placed herself in the middle of the battle with the Embran, and means to see it through, with or without Sykes' help. Which could prove to be a fatal error. (MIRA, May, 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer