Image of Out of Time


Image of Out of Time
Television personality Melanie Morton is used to pushing herself to the limit for her TV magazine segments, but not even surviving Hell Week of Navy SEAL training will compare to her next adventure.

Mel has always been fascinated by World War II and, in particular, one of her deceased grandfather's contemporaries, Jack Hamilton. Jack was the pilot of a bomber he named the Time Machine, and when Mel receives an old photo from the now 84-year-old Jack, she is shocked: In it, Melanie can be seen as part of Jack's crew.

The story Jack tells is a wild one: Melanie and Jack inadvertently messed up the timeline when she went back in time once before. According to Jack, Melanie must risk everything again in order to set things right. Can Melanie convince the 1942 version of Jack about the importance and truth of her mission?

Jones is back and taking on new genres and challenges in this high-intensity time-traveling war thriller. Love can truly span generations, as these soul mates born out of time prove. Adding in the drama of being trapped behind enemy lines ratchets up the tension and thrill factor! (Aug., 300 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith