Image of Out of Time


Image of Out of Time

Graves is back and hotter than ever
in a thrilling new novel that combines romance, adventure and prophecy. Intriguing characters with dubious motives keep the plot lively as a
treacherous treasure hunt unfolds. Sexy, dangerous and compelling
pretty much sum up this thriller!

Museum curator Jillian Talbot's psychic gift for seeing into the past has come in handy during her career, but she's always assumed that it was a family secret. It's not, as she soon discovers. Former tomb raider Simon Bonner thought he was out of the game until a former friend drags him into a deadly kidnapping.

Simon's ex-wife is being held prisoner -- and the ransom is an ancient crystal lens and Jillian. It is believed that Jillian is the prophesied seer who can find a hidden archeological treasure. When Jillian is nearly kidnapped, she reluctantly joins forces with Simon. In this giant chess game there are many parties scrambling for the prize -- and they will not hesitate to use violence to win.

(FOREVER, Aug., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith