As with her previous novel, Aussie Rules, Shalvis makes the most of her setting, this time using the Alaskan wild to set the stage for a creative and unique story about newfound love, supernatural powers and pirates. The reader must pay careful attention to the back-and-forth shifting between the two main characters' first-person points of view to get the intended effect. Although it might have been more enjoyable for the plot to unravel faster,
this book still has memorable characters with quick wit, odd habits and
hidden secrets.

Rachel Wood inherits a bed-and-breakfast from her great-great-aunt Gertrude and enlists her childhood friend Kellan McInty to fly to Alaska with her to check it out. Rachel and Kellan find more than they could ever have imagined both in the bed (and breakfast) and in each other. One bizarre event after another causes them to reevaluate their place in this world. (BRAVA, Sep., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen