Image of Outback Boss, City Bride


Image of Outback Boss, City Bride
Tracking down her sister, Lucy, in the Outback is a mission of mercy for translator Meredith West. Lucy is needed back in the U.K., but her boss, rancher Hal Granger, can't manage without a cook-slash-nanny for his niece and nephew. Forced to stand in while Lucy's away, Meredith's shocked when Hal proposes a temporary liaison, but she agrees to it. Falling in love with Hal is an accident, and it's bittersweet for Meredith, because she knows the clock is ticking. Jessica Hart begins the Bridegroom Boss miniseries with Outback Boss, City Bride (4.5). It has a well-used premise, but it's rarely been handled better -- and the characters are simply wonderful.
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Catherine Witmer