With the death of the man he looked up to as a father, pop/movie star Johnny Ellis returns to Gundamurra for the funeral. He is surprised to learn that he has inherited part of the ranch with the man's daughter, Megan. Megan is shocked that she has to share the ranch with the man she fell for as a teenager, only to realize that his charm was just a trademark and didn't mean she was special. When a truce turns to passion, they find themselves married and with a baby on the way, but Megan still has some insecurity about Johnny giving up his career for her and his reluctance to share that part of his life with her. The final installment of Outback Nights, Emma Darcy's The Outback Bridal Rescue (3), is an entertaining tale. The characters are warm and engaging, but the conflict is rather flimsy.
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short