Olivia Baron has come to Elkhorn, Montana, to be a doctor, and though some are scandalized by her determination, Olivia vows to use her skills and help during an epidemic.

Gabe Danaher doesn't care that the new doctor is a woman; all he wants is someone to save his twin daughters' lives. He'll convince Olivia to come with him even if he has to kidnap her.

Though Olivia struggles against her captivity, she cannot abandon Gabe's children. She diligently nurses them through diphtheria and plans on returning to town as soon as possible. But circumstances make that impossible and the headstrong doctor is soon pitted against the stubborn rancher in a head-to-heart battle of wills.

Though Olivia fights their attractions, Gabe's assault on her senses and her love for his twins is her undoing. When Gabe's secret past rears its ugly head, Olivia must stand and fight for her love and their future.

Heartwarming, funny, sensitive and emotional, OUTCAST is another gem from Emily Carmichael. Like Olivia, readers will fall in love with Gabe's mischievous girls and this hard-bitten man with a heart of gold. Make room on your "keeper" shelf for OUTCAST! SENSUAL (Feb., 364 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin