For the legions of fans of Diana Gabaldons Outlander series comes the long-awaited companion to the memorable time-travel series, offering a deeper insight into the lives of Claire and Jamie and their remarkable love story.

This volume includes a synopsis of the four novels already in the series (as well as a teaser from THE FIERY CROSS, due out in the year 2000) and many insights into the characters and events.

There are also family trees, horoscopes of the characters, recipes, a Gaelic dictionary, sketches of clan symbols and even a list of websites. What I enjoyed most was the section on herbal medicine. We learn how Ms. Gabaldon began writing Outlander, what motivates her, what she finds interesting (and not) and what readers may look forward to.

Diana pays special attention to the subject of research. For those of you who have never done extensive research, this should give you a healthy respect for all historical authors. The extensive bibliography is perfect for those who want to do research on their own.

What I found most interesting is the way Dianas sense of humor and her desire to share her thoughts with her readers pervades the entire book. She helps you peel away the layers of the Outlander books uncovering the depth of her character portrayals, the theory behind time travel, and the weaving together of seemingly unconnected events make this companion a must-have for fans. Ms. Gabaldon has done it again; with intelligence, humor and whimsy she leaves this reader clamoring for more, more, more! (Sep., 500 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner