Image of Outlaw A.K.A LISA JACKSON


Image of Outlaw A.K.A LISA JACKSON

The prophecy foretold by a sorcerer comes true; death and betrayal come to the demesne and Megan of Dwyrain sends a prayer to Heaven to save her from marriage to Sir Holt. Being abducted at her wedding feast is not what she had planned.

Her captor is Ware of Aberquyn, who is known as "The Wolf," a noble outlaw who enjoys the life of a wanderer and, along with his band of men, follows the sword. What better way to extract revenge than to kidnap his longtime enemy's bride?

Megan and Wolf play out the game of captor/captive till they can no longer deny the desire they feel for each other. But the prophecy must come full circle, for only true love will remove the curse and restore honor to all.

OUTLAW is perfect for those medieval and captive/captor fans who crave a light, enjoyable evening's read. SENSUAL (Dec., 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond