Caitlin Kingsley is having an affair with her father's sworn enemy, Jake McCord. In this sheep farmer/cattle rancher range war, she couldn't have chosen anyone who would raise her father's ire more than Jake.

Then Caitlin's brother is killed by Jake in the midst of the unending feud. Her father swears revenge, and vows to disown Caitlin and send her away. Torn between the love she had for her brother and the forbidden passion she shares with Jake, Caitlin is at an impasse.

A wanted man, Jake earns his living by his gun, but after four years of running, Jake is pardoned and decides to return and reclaim the woman he loves.

Widowed Caitlin still lives on the ranch with her young son, wanting nothing to do with the man who broke her heart and shattered her life. But Jake's assault on her senses takes Caitlin by storm and she must find a way to bury the past.

Though THE OUTLAW holds no surprises, readers who enjoy a powerful Western with a tried and true plot and predictable characters and events will appreciate Nicole Jordan's latest offering. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer