Lee Raven may be an outlaw, but hes a man with a mission. He cant allow anyone to get in his way. So when he bumps into Angela Bainbridge after robbing a bank, he kidnaps her before she can identify him.

Angela lost her sightand her dreamslong ago. But instead of being terrified by the infamous outlaw holding her hostage, shes curious and fascinated.

As they journey to his familys home Angela discovers Lee steals only to protect those he loves. He is not cruel, just desperate, and she yearns to uncover his motives.

Lee senses Angela is falling in love with him, and he cannot prevent himself from being captivated by her gentleness and compassion. He just fears that she will be the one to expose his past and the hidden secrets hes tried so hard to bury.

Though connected to the Rogues of Texas trilogy, THE OUTLAW AND THE LADY stands alone as a moving and emotionally sensitive story. Ms. Heaths portrayal of Angelas disability is presented carefully, yet without sentimentalitya refreshing element in a beautifully rendered, well-written romance that is a testament to the power of love. SENSUAL (Oct., 378 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin