This spin-off of The Runaway Bride reintroduces us to Josie Miller, the pickpocket Dr. Annie took off the streets and adopted. Josie is now a lawyer who uses not only her legal expertise, but the medical knowledge she learned from Annie to help people in need.

When a wounded outlaw is brought to Josie, it is the healer who believes he must save his life and the lawyer who will later find a way to see justice done.

Sam Callahans body is broken, but not his spirit. He insists that he and his brother are innocent of stealing the money they received from a cattle drive. He is only trying to clear his name and find the men who riddled him with bullets and stole the cash.

Somehow, Josie believes Sam and will do whatever she can to help him, but when he runs off with her as a willing hostage things really heat up.

Like Sam, his brother Ben is getting well under the healing hands of another remarkable woman, Rachel, who prayed for a good man and got him.

This double love story and mystery sparkles with Ms. Chastains hallmarks of wonderful storytelling and humor. This delightful quartet, along with a cast of secondary characters designed to keep you intrigued, will have you smiling and cheering. Ms. Chastain knows the west the people who helped tame those wild lands and brings that knowledge to her readers, making the region and her story ring with truth. SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin