Amid fear and ridicule on the Orphan Train headed West, Ruth and Noah promise that no matter what, they will meet each Christmas Eve at the Kelly Creek station. Separated when a wealthy couple adopts her and a crude farmer takes Noah, Ruth spends the next nine years waiting in vain.

Despite her relative wealth, life has not been kind to Ruth. Bought as a replacement for the daughter they lost, Ruth wears the mantle of hostess for her heartless father and keeps dreaming that Noah will return.

Ten years later, he doesonly to fall at her feet from a bullet wound. She tends Noah, and when in his fevered state they become intimate, she realizes that she loves him. Refusing to allow the only good thing in his life to become tainted, Noah intends to show Ruth who he really is. His plan changes when he discovers that Ruths greedy father means to marry her off.

This warm tale of triumph over adversity takes the reader on a journey into enduring romance. SENSUAL (Oct., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black