Image of Outlaw Lawman


Image of Outlaw Lawman

OUTLAW LAWMAN (4.5) by Delores Fossen: “Do you really want me dead?” The question stuns Marshal Harlan McKinney as much as seeing his former lover Caitlyn Barnes sneaking around his house in the middle of the night. Sure, he is ticked off that the budding investigative reporter did a tell-all hatchet job on the marshal service, but he isn’t trying to kill her. Someone else is, and until they know who it is, Harlan isn’t letting Caitlyn out of his sight. Before long, they wind up on the run — and local authorities are looking for them in connection with a murder. Fossen delivers a flawless roller-coaster adventure that careens through the countryside with the velocity of a speeding bullet. It will take your breath away.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper