Petite crack-shot Kelsey Rodgers will keep her hotel running, even if she has to break the law. She's the town's most respectable hostess-except when, clad in a man's garb, she rides with her gang.

Marshal Clay Chandler is saved from hanging by the Schoolyard Gang, who have just completed another stagecoach robbery. Owing them his life, he is foiled in his attempt to arrest them by pretty eyes and slim hips. When Clay gets to town he finds that the hotel is run by the most beautiful woman he's ever met. But he has no time for anything but avenging his sister's death.

When he becomes a security guard, Clay finds himself battling not only the Schoolyard Gang and his growing desire for Kelsey, but also his guilt. Kelsey must see her brother cleared of a crime he didn't commit, keep alive a false feud and continue robbing Jack Morgan's payroll until she has her revenge, all with the handsome Marshal living in her hotel. Tension rises until Kelsey and Clay pool their wits and energy into ferreting out the evil that has controlled the town.

Although there are interesting secondary characters, this tale is stamped by a traditional plot with no surprises and some of the story may confuse readers. SENSUAL (May, 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black