Six outlaws attack and beat Simon Grant. His last conscious thought is of an angel leaning over him. When he awakens, someone has left water and untied him, which saves his life. The angel, Willow (Winifred) Davis, is arrested when she and her outlaw father try to sell Simon's horse. Willow decides to play up to Simon to change his testimony against her father, who will hang if he does. Her father pleads for her release but the marshall insists the court decide. Simon, the sheriff and the sheriff's daughter don't believe Willow is a criminal or that she should be in jail. When it becomes apparent that she'll be forced to travel with a lecherous, dishonorable deputy marshall, the sheriff hatches a plan: Simon will marry her and hide her at his ranch.

The problems of presenting Willow as his wife and of the adjustments both make to the situation develop into a fine romance under Ana Seymour's spirited pen. SENSUAL (Aug., 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger