When Clint Beaudry shows up on her doorstep looking to rent a room, Mattie St. Clair takes one look at him and refuses. But when Beaudry is ambushed, she has no choice but to take him in and care for him.

Clint finds Mattie attractive, but believing him to be an outlaw, she denies the attraction. Forced into close proximity, however, their strong feelings begin to blossom.

Clint is on a quest and there is no room in his life for a woman. Mattie not only doesnt trust Clint, she doesnt trust herself.

Eventually their passions overtake them. But their fragile relationship wont survive Clints decision to go after the men who killed his wife, and he leaves Mattie behind.

Clint returns only to find Mattie engaged to the town doctor. Even though she loves Clint, Mattie feels she must honor her betrothal. Can these two lost souls find their way back to one another?

Maureen McKade has written a thoughtful and touching story with both Americana and gritty Western aspects. Her three-dimensional characters, their lively dialogue and her writing style makes the story come alive. SENSUAL (Feb., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager