Image of The Outlaw's Bride (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of The Outlaw's Bride (Love Inspired Historical)
THE OUTLAW’S BRIDE (4) by Catherine Palmer: 1878, Lincoln County, N.M. territory: Isobel witnesses a murder and the murderer is now gunning for her. Protection comes in the form of Noah Buchanan and a wedding. Isobel is determined to find her father’s killer and get her family’s land back however she can. Noah knows she won’t listen to him, or anyone else, so he agrees to help her, while keeping her out of sight of others. This will not be an easy task, as they are in the middle of the Lincoln County battle, which has been going on for a long time. Palmer’s lovely story is filled with outlaws, murder, romance and hope. Somehow love blossoms in the midst of it all.
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Patsy Glans