Jess Gentry is tired of running from a crime he didnt commit. He just wants to practice medicine and get on with his life. But the Calder Brothers, two notorious outlaws; a wounded bounty hunter, Meg Lincoln; and a case of mistaken identity change all that.

While trying to capture the Calders, Meg assumes Jess is their third brother. When she is shot, Jess saves her life. He brings Meg to Cheyenne and decides to set up a medical practice in town.

Life is good until Megs past catches up with her in the form of an ex-husband. To keep Jess safe Meg must leave, but when Jess decides he has to go back and face the charges against him, Meg will do whatever she must to free the man she loves.

Like a true Wild West heroine, Meg fights off anyone else who jeopardizes her man which makes JESS, second in The Outlaw Series, a delight. Typical of Ms. Masons style, JESS is filled with adventure and passion. Ms. Mason delivers just what this reviewer has come to expect. SENSUAL (Nov., 376 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager