At the end of the Civil War, Mollie Rogers and her father flee their Texas plantation for Mexico. The Rogers join the notorious outlaw Jeffrey Battles, AKA the Texas Kid, to form Roger's Renegades, a band of criminals who rob, but never kill. After Mollie's father's death, the Kid goes on a rampage murdering and raping innocents.

When the Kid tries to rape Mollie, she stabs him and escapes to Arizona. Tutored by an old friend of her father's, Mollie becomes Fontaine Gayerre, a refined young lady. For all purposes Mollie Rogers is dead. The only proof of her identity is a butterfly birthmark on her lower back.

Lou Hatton has a long-standing vendetta against Roger's Renegades. When he hears of a woman matching Mollie Roger's description, he vows to find, seduce and arrest her. The minute he sees her birthmark Lou stops kissing Mollie and handcuffs her.

As they travel to Colorado for her trial, Mollie falls in love with Lou. She is willing to sacrifice her own life to save his. Just as Lou begins to bury his hatred, ghosts from the past come back to haunt the lovers. In a blazing climax Lou and the Kid have a final showdown with Mollie as the prize.

As always Nan Ryan vividly recreates the aura of the West during one of it's most violent eras. She slowly builds the tension until everything sizzles. Her fabulous descriptions of the awesome scenery, the Apache culture and interesting characters are combined with sizzling love scenes and daring adventures to make OUTLAW'S KISS (originally published in hardcover library edition) a non-stop read. No wonder Nan Ryan is one of the best loved western romance writers. SPICY (Aug. 476 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin