Working undercover as a Pinkerton operative, Slade Braxton has been riding with Kid Dakota and his gang. While scouting a bank, Slade goes to the town dance where he meets Alyssa Mason.

When the gang rob the bank, Alyssa's father is killed. Three outlaws are caught, including Slade. They are bound over for trial by the new Justice of the Peace...Alyssa Mason.

Slade cannot prove he is a Pinkerton agent. Alyssa, horrified that the man she met at the dance is responsible for her father's murder, rides along with the Sheriff and his deputies when they bring the men to trial in Green River.

Slade's behavior puzzles her. When the outlaws try to escape, he protects her. When her horse is swept up in the river's current he risks all to save her.

Slade is beginning to think he will hang, when his supervisor shows up. Alyssa realizes that Slade is exactly who he claims to be. Now she has no reason to deny her growing love for him. But the Kid kidnaps Alyssa, knowing Slade will come for her.

Bobbi Smith is an author of many talents; one of them being able to weave more than one story. In this novel she does this more than once. Not only do we have Slade and Alyssa's romance, but the love story between Alyssa's sister and Slade's boss. Ms. Smith creates characters that one will remember for some time to come. Even though we have read this basic story before, she is able to inject new life into it. SENSUAL (May, 391 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager