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by Laurie Kingery

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THE OUTLAW'S LADY (4) by Laurie Kingery: Rio Grande Valley, Texas, 1880: Tess Hennessy would rather be photographing people than going to the social gatherings her mother insists she attend. One night she's waylaid by a gang of thieves and kidnapped because their leader wants her to photograph him. Rancher Sandoval Parrish is part of this gang, but he's not what he seems. He's bent on revenge against Delgado, the leader, for using and tossing aside his sister. Tess isn't sure if she believes Sandoval, but to stay alive, she has to trust into him, and he in turn must
trust her. Kingery's novel is full of suspense, romance and trickery. The characters are defined not only by their strengths but also by their weaknesses.

Reviewed By: Patsy Glans


Published: August 2009

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4 Stars

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The Outlaw's Lady

Submitted by mlacroix on July 5, 2010 - 1:23pm.

Tess Hennessy has other ideas other than being married and settling down. She wants a career in photography. In fact, she wants to go to New York and work with Matthew Brady. But after a party where she was doing the photographs, she's kidnapped by gang member Sandoval Parrish and taken into Mexico so she can photograph the infamous Delgado. But there is more to Sandoval than meets the eye. He shows her the gentle side of his nature. But Sandoval has retribution on his mind. He want's to get Delgado for what he did to his gentle sister five years before. Now his plans has put Tess in danger.

This book reminded me in a way of Janet Dailey's Night Way. Any way, the characters and the plot were well rounded and I really enjoyed the book.