Wanted for bank robbery in Kansas, Sam Gentry is careful when traveling through Texas. He needs a job and takes one on the B&G Ranch. To his shock the owner is his wife, Lacey, who betrayed him during the Civil War.

Lacey plans to marry Taylor Chase to save the ranch and wants Sam gone; when Taylor discovers Sam is alive and a threat to his marriage, he too tries to get rid of him, by fair means or foul.

The law catches up with Sam. Hes convinced Lacey betrayed him. Their son is kidnapped. His wife remarries. To save her, he commits another crimemurder.

The passion that fares between Sam and Lacey simply jumps off the page. They are soulmates with many problems to work out. Ms. Mason always provides the reader with a hot romance, filled with plot twists and wonderful characters. Shes a marvelous storyteller. VERY SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner