In his youth Nicholas Walford set a fire that nearly claimed the life of an innocent girl. Guilt over his reckless action still haunts his thoughts, even though he's now a successful businessman. When he discovers the same girl working in one of his factories, he de-cides to offer her a substantial secretarial position.

Brandy Bringham's life is filled with much sadness. She lost her family as a child and her current job barely pays her mounting bills. Brandy is stunned when she is selected for a new job—the promotion offers more than she could ever imagine. But the mystery of why she was selected threatens to be revealed.

Berlin's stunning tale depicts a love that's brought together by the one thing threatening to tear it apart. Berlin asks the poignant yet painful question: Is it better to forgive rather then forget. (Aug., 275 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley