Image of Outsider (The Men of Pride County, No 2)


Image of Outsider (The Men of Pride County, No 2)

THE MEN OF PRIDE COUNTY continues with Hamilton "Tony" Dodge, a Yankee banker in a Southern town: the ideal OUTSIDER.

Dodge came to Pride County to begin a new life away from the horrible memories of the war and the injuries that left him crippled. He hopes to help rebuild the South, but never expects to meet the woman of his dreams at Reeve and Patrice's wedding.

Starla Fairfax and Dodge feel waves of energy between them the moment they meet. Maybe it's hate...or something much more potent and precious. Once the belle of the county, Starla's back home with secrets of her own.

When she needs a man's protection and his name, she turns to Dodge. He knows that her agreement to marry him has nothing to do with love, but by falling in love he opens up a can of worms.

Starla's been running from her past, her brother's nefarious deeds, her old life in New Orleans and the dark secrets in her father's house. If only she can trust in Dodge's love, but will loving him put his life in danger?

What a complex story this is and what a wonderful hero Dodge becomes through the pages of Ms. West's latest and highly intriguing romance. Drawing on many aspects of Post Civil War life in the South, family secrets and the true meaning of trust in a relationship, Ms. West carefully builds a compelling tale. Readers will be eager for the next book in the series. SENSUAL (July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Dickmann