Former CIA ops specialist Colby Lane loses his arm on an African assignment. In an effort to start a new line of work, he accepts the position of assistant chief of security for Ritter Oil as a favor to his longtime friend Phillip Hunter. There, he assists with an investigation of drug lord Manual Lopez, who seems to be storing his goods in the company's warehouse.

Sarina Carrington, Colby's ex-wife, and her daughter, Bernadette, spend most of their time at Ritter Oil, where Sarina is posing as an office clerk. Years ago, Colby and Sarina were married for one day and one night, and she doesn't know how to react when she sees him again. All her old feelings of bitterness and of love begin to resurface. But both hold dangerous secrets -- and are caught in a dangerous situation -- that could change their lives forever.

Palmer's latest is a story about rediscovering love, overcoming heartbreak, harboring secrets and the promise of a rousing adventure. Palmer gets inside her characters and engages readers from page one. With an enticing plot and realistic characters, this is a very satisfying read. (Jul., 303 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Autumn M. Harrison