Burned-out former Army Ranger Jason "Plowboy" Wilson accepts a job working for E.D.E.N. Securities. His first assignment is a doozy -- playing bodyguard to rock star Sweet Baby Jane.

While admittedly glamorous, Janey Perkins' grinding concert tour is a drain physically and emotionally. Adding to her stress is the news that Edwin Grimm, the stalker who nearly killed her, has been set free. Accepting Jase as a necessary evil, Janey surprisingly grows to like him. His job becomes more complicated, though, when Janey's estranged mother is murdered. Is Grimm responsible, or is there someone else out there with a deadly agenda? Either way, Jase is not about to let them touch one hair on Janey's head.

A great plot with plenty of red herrings and twists makes this ideal reading for romantic suspense fans. Protagonists who are both sympathetic and layered elevate the intriguing plot of this fourth chapter in the Bodyguard series. Gerard just gets better and better with every new book. (Jun., 325 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith